I Want! - Mercury Glass

I am head over heels for mercury glass right now.  It is so versatile that you could get some now to glam up your Christmas decor and when the holidays are over keep it out to add some vintage pretty to your space.  These are a few of my favorites I've stumbled across.

West Elm Animal Ornaments : Martha Stewart Vase : NapaStyle Votives :
Pottery Barn Lamps : Wisteria Finial Urn : Etsy Christmas Trees

If you are up for a diy project, here are a few links on how to make your own mercury glass whatever.  They are all a little different but give the same effect, pretty much.  I'm planning on trying the water and spray paint method on a few random vases that are cluttering up my laundry room.

So do y'all have any mercury glass in your decor?  If not, do you want some?


  1. I love mercury glass!! I mostly save it for Christmas. I have bronze/amber Christmas trees on the foyer table, votive/hurricanes on a bronze-y mirrored tray on the coffee table, and 4 lighter colored (but not really silver) pillar holders on the mantle. Do I win a prize for having the most?? :-)

  2. And by the way, Jenny at LGN totally stole your Sad Vader print idea from 20x200 today. As always, you're ahead of the trend.

  3. Mercury Glass? Well, lemme see, the two outsized candle holders are my favorites. I love mercury glass and can I just say that Target has some really reasonable and well designed pieces!

  4. I LOVE me some mercury glass too! I have done a DIY method (similar to the Martha wannabe thing you posted). I haven't used it on glass though, just on wood so far. Hmmmm I will try some glass soon and let you know how it goes!