Floor Plan Friday - Hillstone Cottage

1448 sq ft, 3 bedrooms, 3 baths

This house is completely adorable.  It looks like an old stone cottage that you would find hidden in the woods.  Efficient and multifunctional spaces are a must for small homes.  I had high hopes but this one fell a little short, stupid architects.

Things I can live with
  • The kitchen.  It's a nice size and the layout is workable.
  • The upstairs.  It would be an entire guest suite.

Things I would change
  • I would reconfigure the downstairs bathrooms and have just one bath accessible from the main living area and from the master bedroom
  • I would make the front bedroom a little bigger so that it is more of a true master
  • The back bedroom I would use as something other than a bedroom and I would probably try to move the washer and dryer into that room as well
  • While there is the potential for tons of storage, the usable closet space is not that great.  I would have less and make them bigger

With a few modifications this house could work if you were a couple with no kids or at most one kid and they could have the upstairs.  What do you think?

Happy Friday to All!
~ Andrea


  1. Yup, it's cute but no coat closet? No mudroom? It's not very liveable.

  2. I wish I could like it. I WANT to like it. Adorable stone cottage, looks like something out of a fairy tale. And then you see "3 br/3 ba". How could it be wrong? As much as I'd like to see myself in it, I just can't. Love the 2nd floor, would use it as the master suite. But too, too many problems with the 1st floor from the odd closets to the lack of dining space. (Between a staircase and exterior door to the porch? Nuh-uh). I'm loving the Friday Floor Plan posts - keep 'em coming. It's fun to be so judgemental when it's all theoretical!