Trick or Treat!


I love Halloween!  I like dressing up, I like walking around at night, I like getting tons of candy and then swapping it with friends.  However, I do not like to be scared.  No scary movies, no haunted houses, no people chasing me with a chain saw (yes, it has happened).

Back to the point.  My favorite part of Halloween is the making of the costume.  Growing up, I remember picking what I wanted to be for Halloween and then my mom would help me figure out how to make it.  I always had the best time making my costume because I got to do crafts and spend time with my mom.

Me (in the blue) and my BFF Erin - circa 1992?

I have been making Claire's costumes since she was born and this year is no different.  I may be biased, but I think that they are way cuter than anything I could buy in a store, plus they always get a good laugh.

1st Halloween - 4 months old - "Sack of Potatoes"
Yes, it says "Grown in Georgia".  Adorable, I know.

2nd Halloween - 1 year old - "Claire Bear"
Check the tail and the butt heart!  It says "Claire Bear".

And finally, the unveiling of this years costume!  Drum roll please......

3rd Halloween - 2 years old - "Super Bunny"

Not the best pictures in the world but I'll take what I can get.  I had to take her to the school to see Daddy to even get her to put the cape on.  This is what I got when I tried it at home,

Tragic, I know.  I'm such a horrible mother.  We will be candy hunting tomorrow night so I hope to get some better shots then.



I Want!

It's no secret that  my sense of humor veers a little off the beaten path of "normal".  I blame my aunts but that's not the point.  Anyone who knows me will understand why I LOVE THESE PRINTS!!!!!

Too many and they can be stupid but one or two is just the right amount of silly.  I think my favorite is the goat or maybe the meerkat.  Oh, I don't know, I love them all!  I do know that one of these will make the perfect addition to my dining room wall.  I already have a frame and everything.

I've seen them lots of places but you can get any of these Berkley Illustrations right HERE on Etsy!

Go check them out and let me know if you have a favorite or if I'm alone in thinking animals dressed up as humans is funny.


Like Christmas but Waaaay Better!

Claire and I had to take a friend lunch today and instead of going back home, to an afternoon filled with tantrums and screaming/crying fits, I decided to go into a consignment shop downtown that I have been wanting to check out.  Before I could get there a sign reading "slightly used furniture" caught my eye a few doors down.  Because I am me, I had to see what they had but I wasn't expecting much.

However, something magical happened when I walked in the doors.  It was like the stars aligned and the universe wanted me to have furniture because it gave me all of this...

I really want to cover these in a grey linen, take the buttons off and add an awesome pillow.

I'm not sure what I want these done in.  I will have to visit my favorite fabric store, Glynn Hendricks Interiors, to get some inspiration.

One of the legs blew out on this one when we brought it inside.  I'm convinced it's Chris' fault but no one's pointing fingers.

The price tag for all of my new fabulous furniture...$100!!!!!  That's right people, all of this for a single Benjamin.  I'm so excited I don't know if I'll be able to sleep.  I'll be too busy thinking of all the possibilities for my ugly ducklings.

So what does everyone think?  Any suggestions about what to cover them in?

P.S.  Mom, I know what I want for Christmas!


Pretty in Pink

Pink is one of those tricky colors to work with.  Most people shy away from it because they don't want anything too feminine or precious.  I think that, in the right doses and shades, pink can really make a room pop and make you do a double take.

Pink I love...

so cool

covered in pink but done the right way (i love the bed!)

pink  bedroom
patterned with lots of white

pink  bedroom
bright colors in small doses

pink  bedroom
pink + orange = awesome!

Pink I hate...

neopolitan-pink-kitchen contemporary kitchen
this looks like Barbie's kitchen

pieces of this are good but all together it's a hot mess

keep the floors and change everything else

there are not words to explain how much I hate this


Swiper the Pumpkin

With Halloween a week away, I decided that today was the day to carve the pumpkin.  I thought Claire would really enjoy pulling all the insides out but, to my disappointment, she just stared at me like I was crazy and proceeded to blow bubbles instead.  Although she did keep asking me if it was ready.

I started with a template.  I looked at all of the ones that Martha had but none of them seemed right.  Then I hit the jackpot when I stumbled on these from Nick Jr.  We wound up picking Swiper because he fit our pumpkin the best.  If you don't have a child under the age of 5 you probably have no idea who Swiper is but let me assure you he is the scariest thing around.  I mean it isn't Halloween unless you can frighten small children, right?

Once we had picked the Swiper template, I cut a hole in the bottom of the pumpkin.  I helps the pumpkin sit better and you don't have to worry about the lid shriveling up.  Scraped out the inside and taped the template to the pumpkin.

Next, I took a push pin and followed the outline to transfer it to the pumpkin.  Then, with the patience of a kindergarten teacher, I carved out every little detail.  The whole thing only took about 2 hours and I must say it is pretty kick butt.

Here it is finished sitting on the front porch...

And here it is all lit up sitting on my kitchen counter...

Are you scared yet?


Some Assembly Required

I consider myself somewhat of and expert on assembling furniture from a box.  I've been doing it since I was a kid and I love it.  As a designer, I realize that this furniture is not of the highest quality and typically looks cheap but it does have its place.

I have been looking for some nightstands for a project that I am working on.  Maybe I'm a little old fashioned but I just don't think that something so little should cost $200 each.  I found these at Target...

Yes they are from a box but the price was right (got them on sale for like $40 each) and the style was great.  The only thing left was putting them together.

I have to say the Room Essentials line is the BEST furniture I have ever assembled.  It had easy to follow instructions with great pictures.  All of the pieces were there, which is always a plus, and I have never put together anything where all of the holes lined up perfectly but this did.  It was awesome!  Plus, it only took about 45 minutes to put together.  Super Awesome!

They also thought of the details too!  Like the inside of the drawer is a "finished maple" and looks super sleek.

They also have little clip things to screw onto the back so that the back piece doesn't move around.

Also, if you notice each piece is labeled with the correct letter that corresponds to the drawing in the instruction book.  It's like someone took their head out of their butt and made assembly required easy for the masses.  It is made in Denmark, so I would like to give a big WAY TO GO! to the Danes.

Here it is assembled and sitting with the other stuff that will be going in the room.

Modern Traditional, can you see it?


Give it up for Tawin

Sorry that I have been MIA for the past few days.  I got my bi-annual, post-nasal drip and I have been trying to do as little as possible in an attempt to feel better quicker.  Glad to say, thanks to nasal rinse and naps I have nipped this one in the bud.

I was perusing the new Real Simple that I got in the mail today and wanted to share something I thought was really cool.

Apparently, Mark Twain wrote a 500,000 word autobiography and then put a 100 year embargo on its release.  Why?  Who knows, but it is finally being published and the first of three volumes will be available in mid-November.

I don't know if I would be up for reading the whole thing but if Cliffs Notes covers it I'll be all over it.  I'm sure it is full of crazy stuff because, let's face it, he was a "unique" individual.


Changing of the Mantel

I always have the hardest time accessorising my mantel so I tend to keep things very simple and symmetrical.  I'm a sucker for symmetry.  I'm pretty sure it is due to the OCD but anywho...

Here it is!  All dressed up for fall!

I used the pumpkins we picked last weekend and some pine cones, which are in abundance, to make it more fall-ish.  The books help to add different heights and balance my hurricane of pine cones on the other side.  Most designers discourage "family pictures" on mantels but mine works because first, it is a professional portrait, second, it is in a fabulously beautiful frame and third, I don't live in a magazine so I really don't care.

If you are wondering what books those are...Albert Hadley and Harry Potter.  Of course!


Lonny Turns One

If I was cool I would have posted this when it first came out, which was like a week ago, but I'm doing it now so enjoy!

Lonny is an online decor magazine that has somewhat taken the place of Domnino (sniff, sniff, tear) for those of us obsessed with this stuff.  This issue celebrates its first anniversary and it is really good.  Go flip through it to see for yourself because I'm just going to show you my favorites.

The Cover
Celerie Kemble, uber preggo  in 6" stilettos.  Notice that she is sitting?  I bet she had someone put them on her feet once she got in position.  I would have.  What am I talking about?  I'm sure she can walk in those suckers.

How To: Thanksgiving Tablescape with Eddie Ross
I learned that,
1) if it is kinda tacky just paint it gold and it becomes fabulous
2) white linens are out
3) you don't have to have matching silverware
4) you should set up your table 3 days prior to make sure it works (this is where you can tell this guy has never had a child anywhere near his dinner table)

Lulu De Kwiatkowski
In love with the portrait over the fireplace.

Her bedroom.  Color, pattern, dressers as nightstands.  I love it!

Palmer Weiss

FABULOUS!  The pink and orange combo rocks!  She also gives her secrets on "chic childproofing".

Go read it HERE.  It has lots of other wonderful pictures and articles.  I just pulled out the ones that stuck in my head.  You can also look through past issues and all for free!

Progress Update:  I'm almost done with Claire's fort in her room.  Just a few finishing touches and then I'll post pics.


A Change of Pace

I had another post all ready to go but I read this and thought that I really needed to share it.  So do me a favor and go to Simple Mom to read a great post on how to give your "house attitude" a paint job.

Happy Wednesday!



These are a few rugs that I have been in love with lately.  I'm patiently waiting to find someone to let me a place to use them.

I don't think you can go wrong with a woven cotton rug.  All of the pattens from Dash & Albert are great so your options are endless.
Dash & Albert - Monty Woven Cotton

I love the bright colors in this rug.  If you have a lot of white or neutrals in your house this would be the perfect pop of color.
Dash & Albert - Zipper Pink Woven Wool

I really want to use this one in my living room.  A little retro funkiness, yes please!
Dash & Albert - Steps Hooked Wool

This rug comes in a ton of colors and its simple design makes it the perfect anywhere rug.  I like the gray, yellow and spa blue.
Soho Dhurri - Gray

I am in love with the pattern and the color.  It is definetly my style but might not be for everyone.
Fretwork Rug

I want this one in black to go under my dining room table.  It is indoor/outdoor so it is durable and easy to clean.
Ballard Designs - Le Poeme

I love the orange.  This rug would look great anywhere.  I see it in a home office or family room.  It's a nice mix of traditional pattern with contemporary color.
Ballard Designs - Eva