Apartment Living

I have a project!  Two of my best friends (and former roommates) are moving into a new apartment in Buckhead and asked me to help space plan and decorate their new digs.  It's pretty nice from what I've seen online.  Way better than the stuff we lived in in college.  I wasn't able to attach a picture of the floor plan but the space plan is pretty straight forward so I want to have a little fun with the decor if they'll let me.

I've never done an apartment before.  Sure, I lived in one but when you are living off of $6000 a year there is not a lot leftover for decorating.  We did the best with what we had but it was hardly pretty.  I can't wait to get started and I'll make sure I keep everyone updated on the project.

First on the list -- space plan and concept board.

and something pretty for your monday

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 ~ Andrea


A Great Deal

If you are not on One Kings Lane yet you should be.  It is a treasure trove of fabulous luxury items for a fraction of the price.  It is a revolving door of design boutiques that are only available for a few days so if you like something you better grab it fast.

Currently they are offering a $100 gift certificate to 20x200 for $59.  That is awesome!  If you remember I posted about how great 20x200 art is here.  I have bought a few things off the site and am addicted to checking it each day to see what new goodies they have to offer.

So if you aren't already down with the OKL scene here is an invite to get you started.

Have fun shopping!

~ Andrea

ps - Thanks for all the wonderful comments about my pillows!  I have toyed with the idea of opening an Etsy shop to sell handmade home decor items.  I'll let you know when I have more news on that.


Pillows Made by Me

I bought a couple of different fabrics off of Etsy a few weeks ago to make some pillows to go on my very bare couches.  I finally had some time this past weekend to make a few and wanted to share.

I love the pink but I thought the pattern was going to be a little smaller.  Oh well, it still works.  I made these babies with zippers and everything.  You're impressed, I can tell.  The linen ones I made with some leftover fabric from having the chairs reupholstered.  They have an envelope closure on the back so they were a piece of cake to sew together.

I love projects that are quick but make a really big difference!  I plan on filling this sofa with all kinds of pillows because it makes a great background and it's more comfy that way.  And I know you are probably thinking (really me because no one else would notice) that pink doesn't really work with my rug (not currently pictured).  You're right, but remember how I wanted to brighten everything up with awesome, mindblowing colors?  Well my current rug doesn't fit into that equation so it will be replaced sometime in the near future.  No worries, I'll make sure it finds a good home (probably my mother's).

~ Andrea


Tour My House

My House - 1987 Ranch
1700 sf :: 3 bedroom :: 2 bath

I would like to say up front that everything is still a work in progress.  Currently the progress is very slow, since I don't have the same disposable income as I did a year ago, but I'm working on it.

Living Room
note all of the white swatches?  what do you think?

view from front door

view from back door

across the room to front door

standing in hallway view into kitchen

Guest Room/Future Nursery
the green is not my favorite, it was existing.  i'm waiting for baby #2 to repaint it.

Claire's Room
view from doorway

view from closet

nursery furniture

Hall Bath
it's an odd little bathroom in the center of the house so it has no windows

Master Bedroom

Master Bath
this bathroom has so many problems and the only way to fix it is to gut everything and start over.  one day my dream will come true.

Dining Room
when you walk into the kitchen from the living room this is to the right

and this is to the left

Laundry Room
off the other side of the kitchen

I fell in love with this house mainly because of it's location.  It's in an older, quiet neighborhood in town.  Claire's future primary school is right around the corner (seriously, it's a 2 minute walk).  It backs up to a pond and on the other side is a wooded area that surrounds the school so no backyard neighbors.  We have an in-ground saltwater pool, which rocks.  But my favorite part is that it is a blank slate.  It has so much potential.  Since we plan on being here for a good while I can take my time and  make it just the way I want it.

~ Andrea


I hate Technical Support!

I have spent the past two hours trying to get my laptop to talk to my wireless router.  I'm tired and my brain hurts from trying to understand Indian/Pakistan/outsourced accent.  I don't have the best hearing to begin with so there was a lot of "I'm sorry?" and "could you repeat that" but the guy finally got it fixed.

I'll be back later with my real post but right now I need to de-stress.  Is it too early for a drink?

~ Andrea


I love Thursdays

Because I treat myself to one of these

and one of these

while I watch this

Guilty pleasures.  What can I say?

~ Andrea


I love Color

While I am drawn to clean subtle colors like these

via decorpad

and these

via decorpad

I also like color that can punch you in the face (in a good way) like this

palmer weiss

and this

windsor smith via house beautiful

Being able to mix the two gives you design awesomeness like this

via house beautiful


via house beautiful

and this

windsor smith via house beautiful

~ Andrea


I love Little things

This week I want to share with you some of the many things that I love.  First up on the list is the little things.  I'm talking about little accessories that take time to find and accumulate and add personality to you home.

I went shopping with my mom this past weekend and picked up some really great little things.  While nothing I bought was really expensive, all of it made me smile when I saw it.

Our first stop was Pier One where I got these adorable wall hooks.  I don't know where they will live yet but I had to have them.  The best part was that they were only $6 each.

Then I found these great frames.  I plan on painting them and putting a mirror in the frame or an image if I find one I fall in love with.  At $32 for the 2-pack this was my most expensive purchase but well worth it in my opinion.

I found this little mug and immediately wanted it as a pen holder for my desk.  I love the colors and the pattern and at $5 it was a steal.  Actually my mom bought it for me for Valentine's day.  So sweet of her!

My next find was at Hobby Lobby where I snagged these cute little ceramic toadstools for $1.50 each.  Things like this are great fillers in a bookcase, on your mantel, nightstand, window sill or wherever.

I also wanted to show you a few thrift store finds I've had recently.  The wooden sign and candlestick I plan on painting one of my many fun colors.  And the studded pear, what can I say, it had me at hello.  Each of these I snagged for $1.

And the best Little thing of all...

This definitely adds personality to any home ;)

Happy Valentine's Day!

~ Andrea


I got bored.

So I decided to play around with the look of my blog.  I'm having a friend work on a new header for me.  She has the design (and it's really cute) but we are just hashing out what colors to use.  Hopefully I will have it in a week or so and then my blog will change again.  Until then, what do you think of the new look?

So true...

My problem is that I haven't quite figured out what that is yet.

Any suggestions?

~ Andrea

image from evajuliet's fabulous little etsy shop.  click here to visit.

Floor Plan Friday - Urbandale

1685 sf :: 3 bedroom :: 2 baths

I love the look of this house.  It reminds me of the one from Father of the Bride but only a lot smaller.  It is very charming and painting it something other than beige would really play up the cottage feel.  It is a small house but uses the space very well.  Of course there are things that I would change but overall I give it an A.

Things I love!
  • The covered carport on the side with the garage in the back
  • The large paved area in the back - great for riding bikes, playing basketball and other games, etc.
  • Master bedroom is separated from the others.
  • The great room really is great.
  • It would be a breeze to space plan.
  • All the windows!  This house would get great natural light.

Things I would change
  • Close off the opening from the foyer to the front bedroom so that it would be a real bedroom.
  • Close off the bathroom access from the second bedroom.  Too many doors drive me crazy.
  • Take out the tub in the master bath and move the toilet to under the window.  Then turn the shower so that it fits in where the toilet is now or make the closet bigger.  I don't take baths so a tub is pointless.
  • The kitchen is really small but I would have to rearrange some other things in order to make it bigger.

Happy Friday!  Now get back to work!

~ Andrea


Great Walls of White

I currently have 9 little patches of wall painted white in my living room.  I want to paint the whole room white with visions of awesomeness.  My mother, however, does not believe my grand scheme will look that great.  She thinks that it will be too much white and be very boring.  I am here to prove her wrong.  White is great!  Especially when you want to use lots of fun colors, which I do.  Prepare to be dazzled with my powers of persuasion.

Have I convinced you yet?

~ Andrea

all images via decorpad