Hand Made Valentine's

We are not usually big about Valentine's day around here.  I like the holiday and all but usually I forget.  Chris typically comes through with dinner and a card and this year was no different.  Although the best Valentine's present I ever got was the year he gave me my label maker.  I know, I'm wierd.

This year I had the idea that the girls would make his/our gift.  I got the idea off of Pinterest (of course).  It was one of the very first things I ever pinned and I thought that it would make a great Valentine's gift.

I had Claire stamp her hands and I did Susanna's feet onto pink construction paper using white craft paint.  Then I played around with the saying in publisher getting it positioned just right and then printing it on a piece of vellum.  Cut the paper to size, pop it in the frame and voila!  A precious gift!

I figured that he would leave it here and we would hang it in the living room but imagine my suprise to walk into the kitchen this morning and found it gone.  He had taken it to work.  What a good daddy!

~ Andrea


Floor Pouf

These things are all the rage because they are so versatile.  They can be used as a foot stool, a side table and even extra seating.  The down side is that they are crazy expensive.  At least for me they are.  My solution was to make one.

I found this pattern from Amy Butler and with a gift card to Hobby Lobby that I got for Christmas I was able to sew this little beauty together.

It was super easy to make and is the perfect size for putting your feet up on and Claire loves to use it as her own little seat.  She also uses it as a soccer ball and likes to kick it up and down the hallway.  Not really what I had in mind but she finds it entertaining.

I look forward to making another one to put around my coffee table that one day I will be able to put back in my living room.  Right now it is just open floor since the baby is down there and with no coffee table we have more room to play.

I'll leave you with Claire making funny faces.  Have a great weekend!

~ Andrea


New Etsy Items

I'm adding some new items to my Etsy shop!  Super cute Kindle cases that would make a great Valentine gift.  If you are like me you have to email your husband the link and say "buy me this!" or else you never get what you want.

Love it?  Want it?  Get it Here!

~ Andrea