Handmade Presents for All!

I told you yesterday that this week is full of parties and presents for me.  Chris gives gifts to all of the ladies in his front office and to his fellow principals for Christmas.  This usually involves a trip to Walmart the night before the last day of school and me putting together glasses filled with candy tied with a pretty bow.  This year I was a little more proactive so I was able to make some really cute and useful gifts.

The office ladies will each be receiving one of these,

I used an awesome free printable from Erin Vale Design and made a small to do list pad for each of them.  It was fairly easy and all I needed was some padding compound, which I got from here, to make six useful handmade gifts.  (Padding compound is the clear stuff on top of notepads that holds all the sheets together)

I made Chris' fellow assistant principal a completely adorable and super cool 2011 owl calendar available from My Owl Barn.

This application is really neat.  There are 30 different owl images to choose from and all you have to do is pick which image you want with which month and then you can download your personal calendar.  I printed it out on card stock and used the same padding compound to make a little desk calendar.  I also added a magnet strip on the back so she could put it on her filing cabinet or fridge.  Add this to a tin of the cookies I made and you have another great and inexpensive gift.

As for Chris' principal, I took the easy road and got him a gift card to Tractor Supply.  I know what you're thinking but he's a guy and we live in the South.  Trust me, he will love it.

Tonight we have the school party.  I'm super excited because low country boil is on the menu.  Yum!

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  1. I love the owl calendar and the Freakin' to do list!! How perfect?!