White Christmas

My favorite Christmas movie of all time is White Christmas.  I own it and every Christmas I force Chris to watch it with me.  I think of it as quality time even if he could care less.

I love all the songs and the sets and the costumes.  My favorite part is near the end when Rosemary Clooney is singing at the Carousel Club in New York.  Her dress is to die for!  A fabulous little black number with gloves!  It is a great dress but is complemented by the awesome set.  Pink, white, black, silver and gold; bold stripes paired with delicate details and actual carousel horses.  What's not to love!

I couldn't find a picture of the back but let me assure you it is equally as stunning.  I would love to own this dress and have somewhere to wear it to.  Maybe one day (sigh).


  1. You know I love me some White Christmas! I watch it at least once every season and sing along to all the songs. Her dress is fab, the quintessential 50's sexy dress. (Worn later by barbie dolls everywhere, I must add) Perfect fit for a full-figured gal like Rosemary. I have to confess that I always find Vera Allen's figure kind of creepy looking. What is that, like a 12-inch waist?