Dining Options?

It rained here all day yesterday so I'm pretty sure it won't rain again for at least 2 months.  In light of this good news I've decided to tackle refinishing my dining room table.  I have been toying with a few different ideas for a while and still haven't decided on anything so I thought I would ask for your help.

The Patient:

I bought it a few years ago at an "antique" barn.  It was super cheap, really big and had pretty legs so I was sold.  The problem is that the finish on the top is not in the best shape and I'm really not a shabby chic kind of girl.  My first response is to paint it white and call it a day but that is just too much white for me.  I need color, it makes me happy.

I have thought about painting it a pale blue or staining it the same color as the chairs.  The chairs and the table did not come as a set.  I actually bought the chairs online from and unfinished furniture store and assembled and stained them myself.  By the way, sanding, staining and sealing 8 chairs is a lot of work.

The other idea I have been thinking about is doing a weathered finish to it so it has more of a grey undertone.  It is something that I want to do to my pendant also but I just haven't built up the nerve to do it yet.

So what do you think?  Paint, stain, weathered?  Or maybe you have another fabulous idea that I haven't thought of.  Please share!

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  1. i think it would look fabulous with the weathered look.

  2. I would love to see the weathered grey finish. If you do it, take pictures of each step so you can post a tutorial!

  3. I love a painted table and natural or wood chairs. Years ago in Pennsylvania, there was a round table that had a stained top and a floral design stenciled on , as a border around the edge. It was just a little hint of color and looked very Old Europe. I always liked that table.

  4. I like the gray weathered idea! Take pics along the way. xoxo

  5. When you said color I instantly thought blue! I say blue table, weathered pendant :)