Resolutions - Part 2

For the month of February I will be focusing on friendships.  I plan on being a better friend to my current friends by staying more up to date on their lives to show them that I care about them.  I also am going to try to make one new friend this month.  This may not sound hard to most of you but for me it is.  I know a lot of people but am only friends with a few.  I have never been an outgoing person but one of my biggest complaints these days is that I wish I had more friends that lived near me.  I only have one good friend in the town that I live in and the rest live hours away.  So this month I will put myself out there and try to make friends.

As for my January resolutions, I learned that I hate to exercise and I love to eat and sleep.  With this new knowledge I am very glad that I'm not 200 pounds and have decided to be happy with my weight.  Even if it is a little more than I would like.  Funny thing, I was looking at some wedding pictures the other day in which I was 15 pounds lighter than I am now.  I was thinking that even then I remember being unhappy and thinking that if I could only lose a few more pounds I would feel better.  Oh well, I guess we are never happy with what we have.

~ Andrea

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