5 Kitchen Essentials

These everyday items are useful and will add a designer touch to any kitchen.  Every kitchen has its staples and from the viewpoint of design, these are mine.

1.  Wood Cutting Board - It will add a warm wood element to your kitchen especially if you have painted cabinets.  Plus, all the cool chefs have one.  Put some mineral oil on it every once in a while so it doesn't dry out and the oil keeps all the icky germs from taking up residence.

2.  Flour Sack Towels - An everyday must have.  I have a drawer full of kitchen towels but these are my favorites.  They don't leave lint all over your dishes and they dry almost instantly.  You can get plain white ones just about anywhere or you can splurge and get cute ones like this.  Available HERE.

3.  Wood Spoons - I love wooden spoons!  I use them everyday.  Not only do they look good but they are great to cook with.  They won't scratch your cookware and, like the cutting board, you can oil them up and they will last forever.

4.  Greenery - Plants add life to a space.  I know your kitchen is probably full of "life" but seriously try putting some herbs in the window or a little vase of flowers by the sink.  My mom always had an aloe plant in the kitchen.  Since plants quake in their roots at the thought of me taking care of them, I have some very nice fauxliage that I picked up from Ikea.  I can't kill it and it looks nice.  Nuf said.

5.  Large Basket or Bowl - These are a very nice way to keep things like onions, potatoes or any other veggies or fruits reined in.  No matter what you fill it with it will instantly become a decorative and practical fixture.

~ Andrea


  1. Nice roundup of kitchen accents! I'm getting ready to do our kitchen so this is helpful. xo

  2. Great list. Totally agree about the plants. And you are reminding me that my wooden pieces are probably due for an oiling!