Design Files - Naomi's Foyer

Naomi was one of the winners of my design giveaway a few months ago.  She asked for help finishing her foyer.  I love foyers!  A simple space that can make a huge difference and really sets the tone for the rest of your home.

Naomi has a traditional style with a casual feel.  She loves warm earth tones and Pottery Barn (who doesn't).  So the goal was to give her the feel, without having it look like she picked it out of a catalog, and to keep everything in her budget of $200.

Here are the pictures she sent me to work from

I took my inspiration from her dining room which really reflects her style and has a great color palette.  It is also the largest space that connects to the foyer so logically the two should flow style wise.

Rug :: Mirror :: Basket :: Frame :: Lamp

The plan is to take the focus away from the hallway and bring it to the main foyer area.  This way instead of feeling spread out and disconnected the one space will be finished.  I suggested that she move the existing console down a few feet into the main area.  The rug will add warmth and define the space.  A longer mirror will bring visual weight and a curvier lamp will work better with the style of the console.  A bone frame will add a personal touch and the market basket is one of those accessories that you can use anywhere, even if it sits empty.

Since she is working with a budget, I told her to look for a comparable picture frame at TJ Maxx (or some place similar) and scope out her local thrift stores for a similar lamp.  I also thought that if she found a lamp that was the right shape but the wrong finish she could simply spray paint it the lovely blue color to make it work.

I had so much fun putting this together that I also did a little board for her dining room too.  I'll post that next week.  As for Naomi, she loved the design!  When she emailed me back she told me that she was so excited that she had a plan and could now shop with a purpose.  What a compliment!  I can't wait to see her after pictures.

~ Andrea 

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  1. Now I'm jealous... love the design board and can't wait to see the after pictures. Make sure you post them for us to see!

  2. I love that blue color. Really.Love.It

  3. Great looking plan! (Also, I've given you an award) xo