Floor Plan Friday - Cove Cottage

2757 sf :: 4 bedrooms :: 3 baths

Thought I would throw you something a little different today.  While this house has a look I love, it is really big.  If you are looking for something that has a room for each kid, plus an office, plus a craft room/whatever else you want, it definitely has the space.  This house has really cute curb appeal and a nice open living space.  I'm not a fan of such open floor plans but a lot of people are and they are a huge selling point.  My favorite parts are the sunroom and covered porch.  From there it all goes downhill for me.

The problem you always encounter with large homes is useless wasted space.  The part I hate most is the master bed and bath.  It is a ridiculously small bedroom and if you tried to layout furniture I don't think you could add enough storage to make up for the tiny closet.  The bathroom is just sad.  With this much square footage I would at least expect a tub or at least a bigger shower.  I wish the living room had a fireplace and that many doors is dumb.  Turn them into windows.  As for the massive playroom upstairs, it's not really a selling point for me.  Even if it was filled with the coolest toys in the world, I'm pretty sure that Claire would not play in it unless I was in there with her so what's the point.

Personally, I think it is a pretty picture but the rest falls short.  What do you think?

~ Andrea


  1. Swap that sunroom out and make that area the kitchen, take the kitchen floor space and embiggen the master for storage.
    Playroom? I think that's a Family room, pure and simple.
    I agree on the 'too many doors' in the living room.
    And color me confused, what is that closet in the laundry room ? Is that a pantry? If so, put a door on it so you don't have to step in the laundry to fish out canned goods. Or better yet, make it the hall closet and give the hall closet to the master for much needed shoe/ handbag storage.
    Ok, rant over. Other than that, it's cute. Gosh, I love a porch.

  2. I'm with you. I would have to do so many changes to that floor plan that it would end up looking nothing like the original... starting with making the whole back end of the first floor into a sweet master bed & bath. And I'm not a fan of the combined LR/DR because you end up with not enough space for either one. Upstairs, one kid gets a decent room and the other gets an oversized broom closet... only works if her name is Cinderella. The bonus room would be great for a teen but the upstairs bath is inconvenient. I love that it's deceiving from the curb, but it lost me at the front door. And btw, what's with that weird storage thing on the side of the house?

  3. no garage, no mud room. not a good plan. Some guy plan this?