Work in Progress

I've spent the past few weeks painting, rearranging and accessorising my living room.  Here is a little peek of one side.

But first, lets remember what it looked like before. 

 A beige box with potential but no personality.

Enter one Saturday morning worth of painting and a shopping trip to Atlanta.

I am in love with my white walls and even my mother was impressed.  As you can tell I'm a sucker for symmetry (it makes my little ocd heart super happy).  This is still a work in progress but I'm excited to finally have a starting point and something to work from versus it looking like we just moved in and are still unpacking.

You might be wondering about the empty frames?  Well I have a project planned for them so they won't stay empty forever but I had to get them hung on the wall so I could see how everything looked.

Well, must dash.  Claire is insisting I put that computer away so that we can play hide-n-seek, which consists of her hiding in plain sight and giggling the entire time.

~ Andrea


  1. I love those pink pillows, young lady! Very pretty!

  2. Yes, those are just up Meg's alley. Give a big hug to your inspiration! (Claire bunny) It loosk fabulous!

  3. It looks awesome, Andrea! Love the curtains and the pillows.

  4. it is beautiful!!! nice work.

  5. Love the window treatments... did you buy them or make them? So clean & fresh looking!

  6. I bought them from Ikea. I fell in love when I saw them.

  7. Can't wait to see pics of the other side!