DIY Mercury Glass

It's no secret that I have a small obsession with mercury glass.  I have seen many tutorials on how to do it and I finally decided to try it for myself.

The tools:  water in a spray bottle, Krylon looking glass spray paint and a small glass vase

To warn you the spray paint was crazy expensive (at least I thought so).  At Hobby Lobby it was around $11 for the smallest can imaginable but luckily I had my 40% off coupon so I got it for around $6.  Still a lot for spray paint in my opinion but I figured I would give it a try.

I started by turning the vase upside down so I wouldn't get any on the inside.  Then I misted it with the water and then sprayed a light coat of the paint.  I repeated this step one more time and let it dry.

My end result was this

Not as splotchy as I was hoping but overall very pretty.  It looks great with a candle inside too but I couldn't get a very good picture of that, sorry.

After I finished this I had a great I idea of how to use the rest of the paint.  I'll give you a hint: it involves something similar to this

via Little Green Notebook

However, it will be a while before I get to it because the paint works best between temps of 55 and 80 degrees with very low humidity.  So I'm thinking it will be at least Thanksgiving before our weather is like that.

~ Andrea

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