Lavender - My Favorite Trend of All

You may have noticed that a lot of designers are using purple lately and my favorite in particular, lavender.  This trend has been in the works for the last five years or so but we are just starting to see it in mainstream decor.  Why, you ask?  Well, it takes a while for trends to trickle down to the average consumer.

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I'm reminded of a scene from The Devil Wears Prada when Glenn Close is criticising Anne Hathaway for not seeing the difference between two blue belts that seam identical. She gives her the rundown of how the color of the blue sweater she is wearing was picked for her years ago by people in that very room.

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Same thing with interiors. Designers try to stay on the cutting edge of color and style but it takes years for that to work its way into them minds of consumers and retailers don't market something unless there is a high demand for it. Example -- grey sofas. Ten years ago no one in their right mind would purchase anything grey, especially a sofa. It was too cold in comparison to all of the warm neutral colors that were popular at the time. Now, everyone wants a grey sofa or walls or rug or whatever. Grey has become the new "it" neutral.

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Since lavender is also in that same color family, it is also carving out a niche for itself.  I love to use it with blues and greens because it compliments them so nicely.  Lavender also works great with brown so if you have brown upholstery and aren't a fan of the brown/grey combo use lavender instead.  It will give an instant update and make your room feel more "now".

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You may be asking if lavender and grey are "now" then what's "next"?  In my opinion, we will be seeing kelly green making a comeback.  Something like this maybe?

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It's not for everyone but I love it and a girl can dream, right?

~ Andrea


  1. I love the lavender color and think the 1st bedroom you have pictured would be fabulous for Hope's "new" bedroom she wants! Oh and Kelly green is one of my FAVS!

  2. AND since you now have your shop open on Etsy, you could make some awesome throw pillows to accent her bed.