2012, Here I Come

Another new year.  Another opportunity to set goals and become motivated.  At least for the first few months, then we can all go back to our normal lives and tell ourselves that we will do better next year.

My goal for this year is to simplify.  With less 'stuff' and fewer obligations I hope to focus on what I have and find happiness.  I tend to bounce from one thing to another and stretch myself to thin so I always feel unsatisfied and kind of lost.

This year I want to focus on just a few things and work at being really good at those. 

First, my family.  I have the awesome opportunity to stay at home with my baby this time around and I want to take full advantage of it.  Claire will also start pre-k this fall so I want to do all of the fun stuff I can with her before she is in the routine of going to school.

Second, crafting.  I love making things and I really want to see if I can turn my hobby into some extra income so that we can do more activities as a family.

Third, photography.  I have always been interested in photography.  In college I took photography classes as my art electives and since then I have been dying to get a digital slr.  Well, this Christmas I finally bit the bullet and purchased a Canon EOS Rebel T2i and I am so excited.  My goal this year is to learn how to use my fancy new camera and I plan on sharing my progress.  I feel like I have a fairly artistic eye and really want to learn to take beautiful interesting pictures.

So here's to 2012.  May it be a fantastic year!

~ Andrea

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