If It Doesn't Exist, Make It!

I am currently working on updating a friend's master bedroom.  My design includes a lot of white and neutrals with pops of color that can be mixed in and out as her mood changes.  She has a traditional style but every time I show her something a little more contemporary she loves that too, so I decided to give her both.

I found these sheets at Walmart and knew immediately that they were exactly what I wanted.

They were perfect!  A traditional damask but bolder and they were beige and white.  What could be better?  My only problem was that I didn't want patterned sheets.  So, after about 30 seconds of debating, I decided that I would make a duvet cover out of them.

I have toyed with this idea before and thought that now would be a perfect opportunity to try it out.  It was fairly easy and would have taken me less time if I didn't have a toddler pestering entertaining me while I worked.

I started by taking the stitching out of the corners of the fitted sheet so it would lay flat.  Then I laid the flat sheet and the fitted sheet on top of each other right sides together with the comforter in between. I sewed three sides but left the bottom open so that the comforter could go in and out.  I folded the unsewn side of each sheet over to make a little pocket for the comforter to hide in and added some no-sew velcro to make sure everything stayed together.

Pocket flap and velcro closures

A couple of hours and $40 later, I have a custom duvet that looks awesome.  Who would guess that its life began as sheets?

Finished duvet modeled on my bed

Have any of you made something that started out as something else?

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  1. I have made duvets from sheets for a long while and I have a hint- leave a tiny bit open on the seams on the top sides, left and right. That way, you can 'reach' in from the top and grab that comforter and pull it into the cover. Easier than stuffing it inside , I find.
    Oh and yes, I made living room window treatments out of Martha Stewart Matelasse bed covers. / blush
    One twin per drape panel. Put gathering tape headers on , drape pins inside that and hung them up.