Awesome Forts

No, I don't mean the ones that boys of all ages play in out in the woods.  I'm talking about the kind you made under the dinning room table and behind the sofa when you were a kid.  My daughter got a play tent last Christmas.  It is pretty cool, I mean it does have a tunnel to crawl through. 

 The problem is that it is really ugly but every time I try to take it down I get, "momma, where my tent go?", and it goes right back up.

In the spirit of compromise, I have decided to create a beautiful tent that will just be part of her room.  My inspiration is from the movie The Holiday, with Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet.  In the movie, Cameron's love interest (Jude Law, yum!) has two little girls and the have created the most awesome fort with twinkle lights and big fluffy pillows and blankets and mobiles hanging from the canopy. 

I love this fort!  I will probably be spending a lot more time in this tent than the last one but I have to make it first.

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