Like Christmas but Waaaay Better!

Claire and I had to take a friend lunch today and instead of going back home, to an afternoon filled with tantrums and screaming/crying fits, I decided to go into a consignment shop downtown that I have been wanting to check out.  Before I could get there a sign reading "slightly used furniture" caught my eye a few doors down.  Because I am me, I had to see what they had but I wasn't expecting much.

However, something magical happened when I walked in the doors.  It was like the stars aligned and the universe wanted me to have furniture because it gave me all of this...

I really want to cover these in a grey linen, take the buttons off and add an awesome pillow.

I'm not sure what I want these done in.  I will have to visit my favorite fabric store, Glynn Hendricks Interiors, to get some inspiration.

One of the legs blew out on this one when we brought it inside.  I'm convinced it's Chris' fault but no one's pointing fingers.

The price tag for all of my new fabulous furniture...$100!!!!!  That's right people, all of this for a single Benjamin.  I'm so excited I don't know if I'll be able to sleep.  I'll be too busy thinking of all the possibilities for my ugly ducklings.

So what does everyone think?  Any suggestions about what to cover them in?

P.S.  Mom, I know what I want for Christmas!


  1. Holy crap, girl - what a score!! Can't wait to see how it all turns out because I know you'll find some great fabrics. What did Chris say when the U-Haul pulled up to your door?

  2. These are FABULOUS! now, can i get rid of my furniture and find something good?

  3. Excellent haul! Are you reupholstering or slip covering?

  4. I called Chris and told him that we had to pick all of it up. He said, "when did I sign up for this?" I told him when he married me.

    Reupholstering. Slipcovers always look messy to me and my OCD can't handle it.