Lonny Turns One

If I was cool I would have posted this when it first came out, which was like a week ago, but I'm doing it now so enjoy!

Lonny is an online decor magazine that has somewhat taken the place of Domnino (sniff, sniff, tear) for those of us obsessed with this stuff.  This issue celebrates its first anniversary and it is really good.  Go flip through it to see for yourself because I'm just going to show you my favorites.

The Cover
Celerie Kemble, uber preggo  in 6" stilettos.  Notice that she is sitting?  I bet she had someone put them on her feet once she got in position.  I would have.  What am I talking about?  I'm sure she can walk in those suckers.

How To: Thanksgiving Tablescape with Eddie Ross
I learned that,
1) if it is kinda tacky just paint it gold and it becomes fabulous
2) white linens are out
3) you don't have to have matching silverware
4) you should set up your table 3 days prior to make sure it works (this is where you can tell this guy has never had a child anywhere near his dinner table)

Lulu De Kwiatkowski
In love with the portrait over the fireplace.

Her bedroom.  Color, pattern, dressers as nightstands.  I love it!

Palmer Weiss

FABULOUS!  The pink and orange combo rocks!  She also gives her secrets on "chic childproofing".

Go read it HERE.  It has lots of other wonderful pictures and articles.  I just pulled out the ones that stuck in my head.  You can also look through past issues and all for free!

Progress Update:  I'm almost done with Claire's fort in her room.  Just a few finishing touches and then I'll post pics.


  1. I wish I had that house.

  2. I love how her bedroom still has a feminine touch, but apparently she has a man somewhere living in that house...hence the deer in pictures above the bed. Now that's what I'm talking about...much classier than the deer head that I have in my living room!

  3. LuLu does not have little ones either! Those sharp cornered glass top coffee tables give me the heebie jeebies.