Changing of the Mantel

I always have the hardest time accessorising my mantel so I tend to keep things very simple and symmetrical.  I'm a sucker for symmetry.  I'm pretty sure it is due to the OCD but anywho...

Here it is!  All dressed up for fall!

I used the pumpkins we picked last weekend and some pine cones, which are in abundance, to make it more fall-ish.  The books help to add different heights and balance my hurricane of pine cones on the other side.  Most designers discourage "family pictures" on mantels but mine works because first, it is a professional portrait, second, it is in a fabulously beautiful frame and third, I don't live in a magazine so I really don't care.

If you are wondering what books those are...Albert Hadley and Harry Potter.  Of course!


  1. I noticed you have the same star mirror as the lady in your most recent blog. Your house always looks fabulous even with toys scattered around

  2. Well, I for one think the mantel is a great place for family pictures. It's a family home, not a stylized magazine set! Good for you.