Some Assembly Required

I consider myself somewhat of and expert on assembling furniture from a box.  I've been doing it since I was a kid and I love it.  As a designer, I realize that this furniture is not of the highest quality and typically looks cheap but it does have its place.

I have been looking for some nightstands for a project that I am working on.  Maybe I'm a little old fashioned but I just don't think that something so little should cost $200 each.  I found these at Target...

Yes they are from a box but the price was right (got them on sale for like $40 each) and the style was great.  The only thing left was putting them together.

I have to say the Room Essentials line is the BEST furniture I have ever assembled.  It had easy to follow instructions with great pictures.  All of the pieces were there, which is always a plus, and I have never put together anything where all of the holes lined up perfectly but this did.  It was awesome!  Plus, it only took about 45 minutes to put together.  Super Awesome!

They also thought of the details too!  Like the inside of the drawer is a "finished maple" and looks super sleek.

They also have little clip things to screw onto the back so that the back piece doesn't move around.

Also, if you notice each piece is labeled with the correct letter that corresponds to the drawing in the instruction book.  It's like someone took their head out of their butt and made assembly required easy for the masses.  It is made in Denmark, so I would like to give a big WAY TO GO! to the Danes.

Here it is assembled and sitting with the other stuff that will be going in the room.

Modern Traditional, can you see it?

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  1. I think this is FABULOUS!! Loving the lamp tied in with everything. Love the price even better