Give it up for Tawin

Sorry that I have been MIA for the past few days.  I got my bi-annual, post-nasal drip and I have been trying to do as little as possible in an attempt to feel better quicker.  Glad to say, thanks to nasal rinse and naps I have nipped this one in the bud.

I was perusing the new Real Simple that I got in the mail today and wanted to share something I thought was really cool.

Apparently, Mark Twain wrote a 500,000 word autobiography and then put a 100 year embargo on its release.  Why?  Who knows, but it is finally being published and the first of three volumes will be available in mid-November.

I don't know if I would be up for reading the whole thing but if Cliffs Notes covers it I'll be all over it.  I'm sure it is full of crazy stuff because, let's face it, he was a "unique" individual.

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