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I tore these pictures out of Coastal Living way back in March and immediately put them on my fridge.  Designer Jill Johnson has created the exact feel that I want for my house.  I love the lightness and the fabulous mix of colors.  It's beautiful but comfortable and looks like real people live there.  While I had already finished remodeling my kitchen by the time I found this, I think it still has a similar feel so it should be no problem to use these to inspire the furnishings in my living room.

Photographer Grey Crawford via Coastal Living

Photographer Grey Crawford via Coastal Living

Just to clarify, I use pictures to inspire not to copy.  Having an image keeps you focused on the exact look and feel that you are trying to create.  When you are a designer working on your own home, focus is always a problem.  You love everything you see so much you want all of it.  Also, every space is different so, while you can recreate the feel, using the same furnishings and fabrics is more difficult because you still have to design for the space you are in.

What do you think?  Awesome or lame?

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  1. Awesome! Want to know what's lame...I'm like a blog stalker because I'm obsessed with this blog! Ok, on a serious note...I really like the chandelier in the kitchen and think that I should have something similar in mine...think about it and let me know..