Gallery Walls for "Dummies"

Step 1:  Select a central image
I found this at Urban Outfitters and fell in love with it. 

Step 2:  Add secondary pieces on either side 
On the left, I have an 11x14 print that I bought from an artist at a local fair.  I balanced it on the right with a smaller shadow box, which contains a linen napkin that belonged to my great great grandmother, and some random plates.

Step 3: Keep adding stuff
I picked up the crown at Hobby Lobby and, while they are trendy right now, it holds a personal significance for me so I know that I will never get tired of it.  The little gold frames I got at Goodwill and have plans to change the pictures (I'm just not sure what I want yet).  The white frames are from Ikea and they hold pictures that I have taken.

Step 4:  Move things around
After living with the above picture for a few weeks, there were some things that kept bugging me.  First, I needed to balance the circles of the plates.  I have an oval frame that I want to add but it works better on the right side so the plates got moved to the left.  Second, I didn't like how symmetrical the left side looked compared to the right.  I fixed it by moving the gold frames further apart and adding another Ikea frame to the mix.

Keep in mind that there are still a few things I want to add.  Including one (or two) of the awesome animal prints I posted about here.  I have an oval frame that it will live in and is destined to be placed at the bottom of the right side.  The good thing is that I still have so much wall space that I can keep adding to this for a while.

Here are a few extra tips, from yours truly, on how to create this look for yourself.
  • Limit the color pallet of your frames
  • Use odd numbers
  • Use different sizes
  • Don't be afraid to keep moving things around

Now, go, create and send me pictures!

Today's 5k Time - 35:03


  1. Looks great. Can't wait to see it with the animal print! The dining room at your grandparents' house could use something similar. Just sayin'...

  2. Their house could use a lot of "something" but I won't give an opinion unless asked.

  3. Will definitely work on that for you!