Fabulous Find

I made a mental note to watch the Nate show this morning because Michelle Adams from Lonny Mag was going to be on.  Good thing she was up first because Claire only let me watch the first 8 minutes before insisting that I color with her and watch cartoons.

Anywho, she was showing must haves for under $50 and mentioned an art site that I was not familiar with.  I love original art!  It's so much more personal than stuff you order from a catalog or pick up at TJ Maxx.  The site was 20x200 and, after checking it out for myself, it is awesome!  You can pick your price, $20 for an 8x10, $50 for a 11x14 and so on, and get some one of a kind stuff to hang on your walls.

These are just a few that I liked...

Yeah, this last one I don't think I would use anywhere but it reminded me of my cousin and made me laugh.

All of the prints are limited edition so once they are gone, that's it.  Fortunately, new pieces are added all the time.  So if you are in the market for yourself or maybe want some inspiration for xmas gifts this year, go check it out. 

~ Andrea


  1. I want the turtle! Not sure where he'd go but he's awesome!

  2. The birch tree grove for me! How Lily Pulitzer!

  3. Agreed! The Birch Tree Grove is AHHHMAZING as well!!

  4. Uhh... I just wanna know - which cousin? :-) I can't wait to check it out. I had a link for some perfect art work for my office walls (still bare) from Etsy and I lost it! So maybe it was for a reason?

  5. That cousin would be Matt. The same one who put Darth Vader in the Nativity scene with the Wise Men.