Horror Movie Weird

The entire house was quiet and everyone was asleep when suddenly, at 12:30 am, Gus (our 25lb mini schnauzer) decided to start barking for no good reason.  We were frantically throwing things at him and cursing him for trying to wake up Claire until we heard it.  Someone was knocking on our carport door.  Chris gets his gun (a hunting rifle) from the closet and goes to the door.

Well, it's the cops.  They said they had a open 911 call and gps tracked it to our house.  This is creepy because we don't have a land line.  It's been disconnected for the last month.  Also, neither of our cell phones have ever dialed 911.

So, I'm laying back in bed trying to fall asleep and my paranoid mind starts running.  What if there is a crazy killer on the loose and he is hiding in one of our closets calling 911 like a mean joke.  Or, someone is dead in our backyard and their last act was to hit send on their cell phone hoping that someone would find them.  I ruled both of these out because we have dogs that bark and they would tell us if anything like that had happened.

I thought it was a fluke but then this morning there are more cops knocking on my door.  The officer said that they had a hang up call and wanted to make sure everything was okay.  I told him about it happening earlier and he told me to call the phone company.  So helpful.

So, unless anyone can give me a better explanation, I'm going with a penguin in the closet.

I'll keep you posted.


Turns out the phone calls were being placed by a security company that gave the police our address as the location of the home.  Our house doesn't have a security system so I know that there was no mistake on my part.  The company was notified and hopefully they will fix the problem.  My guess is that someone made a data entry error and they are just now figuring it out.  I hope nothing bad happened to the people who's house the police were suppose to go to.


  1. Sounds like the phone company re-issued your phone number but the directory is still coming back to you? Which is odd, but I'd start with the phone company, definitely. Very weird. I hope Claire slept through it all. And how great is Gus?!

  2. Well, just another reason everyone should have a dog. WAY TO GO GUS!
    I personally have an attack cat outside that would do the job. :)
    But glad to know nothing was in the house.

    Sorry, not nice to freak you some more when you are already upset. We had this happen at work, about 4 times. The calls were traced to a phone that was in a locked office.