I'm Better Than I Thought

A few weeks ago, I read Lauren's Warm Brown post over at Pure Style Home.  In it she talks about how warm, natural browns are making a come back, especially in wood pieces.  For the longest time, the trend was to have extremely dark wood or to have everything painted.  However, if you look at any design magazine you can see that stains with orange and red undertones are quickly gaining popularity.  As I was reading, all I could think was that I already knew this.  I've been using warm woods in my designs for a while.  Not only in my own house but for clients as well.  Stained wood adds personality and a lived in look to any space.  The secret is that you have to mix wood tones with painted pieces, you don't want everything to match.

my dining room

my master bedroom

It didn't dawn on me until this weekend, when I read Maria's post on What's Next in Color & Design in 2011 over at Color Me Happy, that I might actually be on the cutting edge of trends.  Maria talks about color forecasting for the coming year and reveals that greeny gray and blue gray, among others, are the next "it" colors in design.  Well, yea for me because my kitchen cabinets are already a greeny gray and I've had plans to paint my bedroom a blue gray for about a year.

Sherwin Williams - Grassland

Benjamin Moore - Alaskan Husky

I don't mean to toot my own horn but it just makes me excited to see things that I've already been doing becoming the hot new trends to follow.  I'm still relatively new to the field of design and it is reassuring to see that I'm on the right track.  If I'm ahead of the trends then I must be doing something right.

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