Words of Wisdom

As everyone is getting ready for the holidays and Black Friday looms in front of us, I would like to share one of my favorite quotes with you.
"Have nothing in your home that you don't know to be useful or believe to be beautiful."
While you mull this little nugget over, remember that Christmas is not about how much stuff you get or how much you spend but the people you celebrate with.

On a separate note...

It's official.  My childhood sweetheart is engaged.  I'm okay with it.  She seems like a nice girl and he and I never would have really worked out.  She got his mother's engagement ring, which I adore, and wears it well.  I wish them the best of luck and can't wait to see the wedding.  It will be fabulous!
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Random Facts about Me & Prince William
  • I am exactly 7 days older than him
  • He is the reason I had aspirations of being 5'9" when I was younger
  • Unlike his fiance, I did have pictures of him on my wall as a teenager


  1. Look on the bright side... the guy you ended up with still has all his hair! Plus that whole thing of not being able to go out in public wearing sweats... or being able to sweat in public, for that matter. We are waiting to hear the wedding date because Austin will be in London at the end of June. How fun would that be? And by fun I mean crazy.

  2. LOL Also, most royals are emotionally unavailable (in my vast experiences of seeing them in magazines) Great post...

  3. Yeah, but wouldn't it be great to be a real princess. I mean think of all the jewelry.

  4. Oh dahlink, trust me, when I was a Countess the whole aristocrat thing got to be soooo boring! And jewels?? Nice, yes, but what you really want to go for is diplomatic immunity...

  5. You were the first person I though of when I heard the news, it made me sigh a little. Just think...I could have been the best friend of a princess ;).