Floor Plan Friday - Glendale

1990 sf : 3 bedroom : 2.5 bath

This looks like your typical all-American home.  I like it, it's simple but still interesting from the outside.  I like the stacked stone they depicted but I would pick a different shutter color.  The inside has a nice layout and only has a handful of things I would change.

Things I like
  • all right angles!  I hate houses that have cut off corners and wonky angles, they are hard to work with.
  • direct line from garage to kitchen (easier for off-loading groceries)
  • good sized bedrooms
  • adequate master closet
  • screen porch
  • mulitple ways to furniture plan (gotta love options!)

Thing I would change
  • the dining room is separated by columns.  I HATE columns!
  • close off the entry to the bathroom from bedroom #3.  why is that bedroom so special?
  • doors going to screen porch from living room or breakfast room not both people

And for those of you feeling froggy, it has an option for a second floor that adds an extra 457 sf.


1 comment:

  1. When you build this cutie cottage, don't forget you will want floor outlets in that open great room. Got to have reading lamps.