Work with What You've Got - Christmas Mantel

What I have is:
  • one fabulous sunburst mirror
  • two lattice ginger jars
  • three needlepoint stockings
  • four tree branches
  • five Christmas balls (there are more than five but just go with it)

My mantel arrangements are typically very symmetrical.  It's my ocd, I can't help it.  The mirror stays because I like it and I don't have anything else to hang there.  I pulled out my ginger jars again (a tj maxx find from back in the spring) and dressed them up with some red ribbon.  We always get a real tree so I use the branches that get cut off the bottom for some greenery.  Add some Christmas knick knacks and some old ornament balls.  Funny thing about the balls, this is the first year that they have ever been stored in an attic and I guess the heat got to them because it looks like they fogged over on the inside.  It actually looks pretty cool and I was really excited when I pulled them out of the box.  Lastly, the stockings.  These are my favorite part.  The one in the middle is Claire's and is a handmade needlepoint done by my grandmother.  She gave it to Claire for her first Christmas and I hope that one day it hangs on Claire's mantel.  The other two I found when Chris and I first got married at tj maxx (of course).  They have the same handmade look to them which is why I love them so much.

It's simple and whimsical, or so I think.  I would love to do more but my creativity has been severely effected by my bad mood lately. 

So tell me, how do you spice up your mantel for the holidays?


  1. Great job! It looks very festive. Hope your feeling better today...

  2. You would be proud...My mantel looks very similar to this...although, my husband did the decorating :)