They're Back!!

The pieces are back from the upholsterer!

Oh Happy Day!
(insert happy dance here)

Let me refresh your memory as to what they looked like before

Now they look like this

The color is a little washed out because I had to use the flash due to the horrible light yesterday and today.  Overall a vast improvement from before.  They are in desperate need of some pillows so that will be my next project.

I hope everyone enjoys their last few hours at work.  As for me I'm off to Etsy to look for some fabric for pillows.

~ Andrea

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  1. Wowza, talk about an update! Looks fantastic and crying out for some fab Etsy pillows!

  2. Love that you went without the buttons on the chairs and left them on the sofa. I can't wait to see them with the new pillows!

  3. Thanks! The buttons on the chairs served no purpose and were really a distraction from the clean lines. It helps the style look more current instead of 1980's.

  4. They look so lovely! Can't wait to see the pillows.