Upholstered Headboard DIY

I will start by saying that I'm not so great at documenting the steps of the projects that I do.  Usually it is just me so until I can teach Claire how to take decent pictures or I grow extra arms my tutorials shall be mostly description.

Claire's Headboard

I started by measuring and deciding how big I wanted the headboard to be.  Mine wound up being 4 feet tall with the upholstered part starting at 2 ft (which is just below the top of the mattress) and 38 inches wide.  I had to build it with legs because Claire's room has chair rail so I couldn't attach it directly to the wall.  With final measurements Chris had a project to work on and in about an hour he had made this.

Constructed from 2 2x4's and a piece of partical board I had left over from another project.  He even drilled holes in the legs to attach it to the bed frame.  Super sturdy!

Next, I had to wrap it in batting.  I used quilt batting for a queen size quilt because I wanted to make it really soft.  Laying everything on the floor and using my handy dandy staple gun (a Valentine's present) I attached the batting to the frame making sure it was pulled tight all the way around.

Then I did the same thing with the fabric.  I used 4 yards of a white cotton twill which was plenty.  The legs were a little tricky and I should have taken a picture of how I did them but I forgot.  I was too focused on how to wrap them.  I wound up taking extra pices of the fabric and wrapping the legs individually and then hiding the seam under the part where the main headboard fabric meets the legs.  It took a little finagaling but I finally figured it out.

I added a purple ribbon to give it a little more dimension and to complement her dust ruffle, which I had made a while ago.  I took the easy way out and attached it with hem tape so all I had to do was iron it on after it was upholstered.

This was a fairly easy project and coming in at under $30 I think it looks fantastic!  A custom look for super cheap.  That's what I'm all about.  While Claire's room is still a work in progress, this is one big checkmark on my to-do list.  I'll do another post to show you how I am incorporating her nursery decor into her current bedroom.

~ Andrea

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psst...did you notice the toy shrek hiding under the bed?  If you did, 10 points.


  1. Andrea, that is completely adorable! Love how something as simple as purple ribbon ties everything together and makes it look custom & expensive.

  2. What a darling set up! I love it with the mirror above. I'm getting ready to tackle an upholstered headboard project too. xoxo