Floor Plan Friday - Urbandale

1685 sf :: 3 bedroom :: 2 baths

I love the look of this house.  It reminds me of the one from Father of the Bride but only a lot smaller.  It is very charming and painting it something other than beige would really play up the cottage feel.  It is a small house but uses the space very well.  Of course there are things that I would change but overall I give it an A.

Things I love!
  • The covered carport on the side with the garage in the back
  • The large paved area in the back - great for riding bikes, playing basketball and other games, etc.
  • Master bedroom is separated from the others.
  • The great room really is great.
  • It would be a breeze to space plan.
  • All the windows!  This house would get great natural light.

Things I would change
  • Close off the opening from the foyer to the front bedroom so that it would be a real bedroom.
  • Close off the bathroom access from the second bedroom.  Too many doors drive me crazy.
  • Take out the tub in the master bath and move the toilet to under the window.  Then turn the shower so that it fits in where the toilet is now or make the closet bigger.  I don't take baths so a tub is pointless.
  • The kitchen is really small but I would have to rearrange some other things in order to make it bigger.

Happy Friday!  Now get back to work!

~ Andrea


  1. I likey! Great floor plan for a narrow lot. I agree with you on nixing the tub in the master but I'd replace it with a big walk-in tile shower. And the kitchen is tiny...maybe re-work that utility room to expand the kitchen? Love the covered carport.

  2. Interesting insights, Andrea! I love looking at floorplans. Part of me would like to custom build my own house one day. The other part is hopelessly devoted to old homes :)

  3. Thanks Naomi! I have the same problem. There is something about an old house that just can't be replicated. They have so much more personality.