Great Walls of White

I currently have 9 little patches of wall painted white in my living room.  I want to paint the whole room white with visions of awesomeness.  My mother, however, does not believe my grand scheme will look that great.  She thinks that it will be too much white and be very boring.  I am here to prove her wrong.  White is great!  Especially when you want to use lots of fun colors, which I do.  Prepare to be dazzled with my powers of persuasion.

Have I convinced you yet?

~ Andrea

all images via decorpad


  1. Listen to your mother. Paint it a nice bayge instead. LOL!! Just kidding.
    I know you will make it look fab. All the fun colors in pillows , accessories and art!

  2. You know I have always wanted to try this but I always go to a pretty wall color. I do love the look, though! Hope you can stop by soon and weigh in on my powder room makeover!

  3. Trust your gut, because you have the gift!

  4. I am in love with the room with the orange couch! AND, I really want that coffee table that's in front of the couch. You will make the white walls look fabulous..I have no doubt!

  5. I totally support you! I am a major fan of white walls with pops of color. Almost my whole house is white. Can't wait to see the results. WHat colors are the walls now? xoxo

  6. My walls are beige right now. I'm so tired of beige I just want something different. I know that white isn't really a stretch but I have a lot of wall and I'm scared that doing a color will be too overpowering.

  7. Ugh white is SO MUCH BETTER than beige!
    ugh!! I refused to go beige in my house - had them paint it a very light watery gray and it hasn't steered me wrong.
    Follow your gut, and then punch up the spaces with color!