Let's think about This


Do you realize how much this costs?  The tile is probably between $35 and $55 a square foot (because it is Waterworks).  The vanity is like 8 grand easy (also from Waterworks).  Add faucets, mirrors, those weird sconces and other accessories and you have spent like $50,000 on a bathroom that looks like a fancy community shower.

~ Andrea


  1. It's like they had a contest to see who could spend the most money to provide the least amount of practical use... and this was the winner!

  2. and btw, I miss the Friday house plans - please bring them back!

  3. I don't care for the tile, but I sure do love the sink consoles. Such a classy look and such a luxury to have enough space in the bathroom to store your belonging somewhere than under the sink!

    Thank you so much for your kind words about my project! It will be a little while still until its finished.

  4. Good heavens, who started the mustard fight at the tile factory??

  5. Naomi ~ I love the console too! I have a friend who has the one from Restoration Hardware and it is beautiful. I like the mirrors too just not in this bathroom.