Me, Stylish!?! If you say so.

My great friend Noelle at Gray Paint Decor blessed me with this little goodie.

I don't think I have ever been thought of as stylish in my life.  Seriously, I was voted least likely to pose for a low rise jean ad by my sorority sisters.  Although, I must say my style has improved since I stopped living with my mother (bless her heart, she has no clue).  Love you mom!

So here is where I tell you random facts about myself and then give you a list of other stylish bloggers to go visit.

1.  I have a minor in Mathematics.  I was a math major until I had a nervous breakdown while taking a theory class and decided that if I wanted to graduate I needed to change my major.  I still love math and am a huge fan of algebra.  I have a friend who is getting her degree online and had to take two algebra classes and I asked if I could do them for her for fun.  I know, I'm a nerd.

2.  I married a jock.  Chris played football, basketball, baseball, track, golf and whatever else in high school.  He was even voted athlete of the year his junior and senior year.  I was in the band and played doubles tennis so I wouldn't have to run as much.

3.  I would rather watch a movie that I found on tv than watch that same movie on a dvd.  Finding a good movie on tv is like striking gold plus it has built in potty and snack breaks.

4.  I refuse to use a GPS for directions.  The thing always gets me lost and is constantly yelling at me.  I just can't drive with that kind of pressure.  Typically it goes something like this: gps - turn left, Turn Left, TURN LEFT (in annoying woman voice).  Me - I can't turn left you stupid piece of (insert explative)!  It's a one way street!  Are you trying to get me killed!

5.  I hate the color red.  I can appreciate it, I can respect it but I don't have to like it, use it or recommend it.  So there.

6.  I'm an only child.  I hate/hated it.  It's bad enough that I never had anyone to play with growing up when all of my friends were grounded but now if something happens to my mother I'm stuck taking care of her.  I have no one to rock, paper, scissors for it which is just not fair.  I love my mother but if I ever have to live with her again I will kill her.

7.  I'm pregnant.  Yes people, you read me right, baby #2 will be arriving sometime around Halloween.  This is part of the reason I have been so scattered around here lately.  It takes every ounce of energy just to get through the day so I haven't had motivation to do much of anything else.

And now for some other great blogs worthy of a read...

Ravings of a Mad Housewife (not a design blog but really funny)
Home Ec 101 (again not a design blog but one I like)

Well my friends, I'm out.  Off to the beach for a fun-filled Easter with my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.  There will be lots of food, lots of yelling and some Claire cuteness while hunting eggs.

~ Andrea


  1. You're expecting!!! Hooray! I get that gnarly fatigue too. 2nd trimester will give you a break from it, I hope. Loved reading all of your random facts... xo

  2. I was not ALWAYS grounded - just the majority of the time :) - And that was not my fault - it was Nikki and Megan's.