4 month Recap

When I last left you I was 3 months pregnant and being driven crazy by a toddler.  Well, I'm still pregnant and still being driven crazy by a toddler but I have missed writing so here I am again.

I have to say this pregnancy has been nothing like my first one.  I have been sick, tired and miserable the entire time and most days it takes everything I have just to get out of bed.  As of today I have 10 weeks left and while I feel like this

I actually look like this

I know, I'm little.  Like I said, I've been sick the entire time.  In all honesty, I'm half the size I was with my first one but I started out heavier so I'm calling it a redistribution of weight since the baby is measuring perfectly normal.

We are having another little girl which I am thrilled about.  Boys are great but in my opinion girls need sisters.  I know I always wanted one.

The nesting hormones hit hard and early so I've made a lot of changes to the house which I am most excited to get posted.

This summer was a whirlwind because we wound up traveling at least 3 weekends every month and even stayed about a week in Atlanta with friends.  Thankfully, school has started so things are getting back to normal and we are falling into a nice routine.

I'm glad to be back and look forward to sharing my ideas again.


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