Nesting - Phase 2

My next step in getting the nursery ready was to relocate all of the stuff that was being stored in the room.  To refresh your memory it looked like this

Good storage solutions can work anywhere in your home so I simply moved all of the white shelving into my laundry room.  I had to reconfigure it but all of the pieces fit in the room beautifully and solved my issue of much needed extra storage.

Another issue I was faced with was what to do with all of the coats that were living in the closet in the nursery.  Our house doesn't have a hall/entry closet so I had to get a little creative.  We already have wire shelving over our washer and dryer so I thought I could install something similar behind the door that would serve as our coat storage.

We live in the south so we don't have many big coats but I would like to point out that over half of this rack is filled with my husbands pullover/windbreaker things that are all navy blue with the high school's logo on them (he's an administrator).  They are all different but seriously, how many does one person need?  Oh well, I digress.

Moving all of this stuff also gave me the opportunity to go through everything and get rid of the stuff I really didn't need and reorganize the stuff I did.

I have a craft cabinet, an office cabinet and then all of the open shelves that hold all of the things that we don't use all of the time but still need to hang on to.  Another plus is that all of this new storage freed up shelf space above the washer/dryer so I have some room to expand.

And yes, my laundry room is huge.  It's about the size of a bedroom in most homes and is one of the many reasons I love my house.

~ Andrea


  1. where did you get that dog food bin??

  2. It came from Ballard a few years ago. I think that they still have them. I really want one for the cat food too.