Nesting - Phase 3

Just a refresher of what the room looked like before --

After getting everything cleared out of the room it was time to get my paint on.  A couple coats of Benjamin Moore's Touch of Gray (same color that is in Claire's room) and the room was ready for furniture.  The easy part was the crib and bedding since I am reusing what I made for Claire.  Yes, I made the crib bedding.

I found a great dresser at a local thrift store for $45 slapped some white paint on it and added some knobs for easier opening.  I also lined the drawers with some wallpaper that I had used in our previous house.

I updated the twin bed to better work in the nursery.  Starting with the headboard, I simply recovered it with the same fabric as the dust ruffle on the crib.  Lucky for me I had bought extra fabric when I ordered it nearly 4 years ago.  The white dust ruffle had a purple ribbon as a border and I removed it because it didn't look right to me.  I'm sorry but that's the best explaination I've got for my reasoning.

I did splurge on a new duvet cover and sham.  I was at Pottery Barn outlet and it caught my eye because it was simple and delicate and the perfect shade of purple.  When I picked it up and saw that the pattern name was "Andrea", it was a no brainer.  It was like the universe was telling me I had to buy it.

**Side Note** One of my biggest pet peeves are beds shoved in corners.  They look awkward to me and they are a pain to make up.  Unfortunately, I had no other option (trust me, I tried).

I made a little throw pillow out of extra fabric from Claire's headboard and larger pillow covers out of the same fabric that was used on the crib bumper (again, I had bought extra).

One thing I am most proud of is the painting I did for over the crib.  I always sang that song to Claire in attempts to get her to stop crying and I suspect I will do the same this time around.

For the most part, it is finished.  It is fully functioning and ready to be claimed by the newest Baby Girl Martin.  There are still a few accessories that I want to add but, as always, those things come with time.  And for those who don't really know me, that is code for "I don't know what I want yet so I'm not going to do anything".

Next time I will open the closet door and share with you my mad diaper organizational skills.

~ Andrea

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  1. Would it be possible to center the twin bed on the wall (so back it up from the corner a foot or two) and make it a faux day bed? You'd have to sew another side to the bed skirt, get rid of the headboard, and do a lot more pillows, but I've done that in a few rooms in my past and have always loved it.
    Love the nursery, crib (we have the same one!), and window treatments/dresser/wall decor! :)