October Showers

While it is raining here today, I'm not talking about the weather.  This past week I attended two baby showers.  One for a teacher at the hubby's school and one for a new friend and fellow coach's wife.

The first lovely lady is having her second baby (a little boy to be named Charlie) and requested diapers and wipes in lieu of the traditional cutesy baby stuff, like clothes, that normally show up at showers.  This was our gift to her --

When it is your second baby you usually already own all of the big stuff, so the everyday necessities are often more appreciated than another cute onesie (at least it is for me).  She asked for Pampers, I like Huggies but for each her own.  I couldn't resit making her a little zipper pouch to throw in her diaper bag to keep things like pacifiers, medicines and other small whatnots from getting lost.  Because lets face it, any good diaper bag is a black hole.

The second Momma-to-be is a first time mom and is expecting a little girl to be named Ellie.  Our due dates are a day apart and we are both expecting girls so in the mommy world that equals an instant friendship.  Like every first time mom, she has had multiple showers and been given all the fun adorable stuff.  Lucky for her, she now knows me, the most practical person in the world.  This is the little goodie bag I put together for her --

The stuff you need but don't know you need until you need it and realize you don't have it -- Tylenol, Milicon (gas relief) and pacifiers.  I would also add nighttime baby orajel to this list but she has a few months before that.  And of course, I had to make her a few things as well.

A zipper pouch for her diaper bag that will hold all of the stuff I gave her and some adorable little hair clips that are perfectly baby sized.

Happy Monday!  I know it is a holiday for some but not for me.  Moms don't get a day off so on my agenda today is laundry and grocery shopping.  Fun times!

~ Andrea

Also, my Etsy shop is up and running!  If you look over to the right you will notice that I've added an Etsy widget to show off what is available.  You can click the link over there or click right here and go check out what I've made.  I'm working on getting more things made to list, so be sure to check back often!

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