Trick or Treat!


I love Halloween!  I like dressing up, I like walking around at night, I like getting tons of candy and then swapping it with friends.  However, I do not like to be scared.  No scary movies, no haunted houses, no people chasing me with a chain saw (yes, it has happened).

Back to the point.  My favorite part of Halloween is the making of the costume.  Growing up, I remember picking what I wanted to be for Halloween and then my mom would help me figure out how to make it.  I always had the best time making my costume because I got to do crafts and spend time with my mom.

Me (in the blue) and my BFF Erin - circa 1992?

I have been making Claire's costumes since she was born and this year is no different.  I may be biased, but I think that they are way cuter than anything I could buy in a store, plus they always get a good laugh.

1st Halloween - 4 months old - "Sack of Potatoes"
Yes, it says "Grown in Georgia".  Adorable, I know.

2nd Halloween - 1 year old - "Claire Bear"
Check the tail and the butt heart!  It says "Claire Bear".

And finally, the unveiling of this years costume!  Drum roll please......

3rd Halloween - 2 years old - "Super Bunny"

Not the best pictures in the world but I'll take what I can get.  I had to take her to the school to see Daddy to even get her to put the cape on.  This is what I got when I tried it at home,

Tragic, I know.  I'm such a horrible mother.  We will be candy hunting tomorrow night so I hope to get some better shots then.


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  1. Oh mah sweet- Sack -o' -Potatoes!! What a cute little thing she is! Yes, I agree homemade beats store bought everytime.
    Sincerely, The Mumford County Hog Queen of 1975