Motivate Me

Back in August I started a Couch to 5k program to train for a 5k race that was 2 weeks ago.  I was getting up at 5:15 am three days a week to go running with a group of people.  To my amazement, I enjoy running but since the race I have been a total of twice.  I blame motivation.  When I was running with a group I had other people to be accountable to and if I didn't show up they always asked why.

To solve this problem I have decided to become accountable to my readers.  My goal is to keep running three days a week.  I will post my distance and time at the bottom of my post for each day.  If I miss a day I give you permission to make me feel bad about it and tease me relentlessly.  If anyone would like to run "with me" just post your distance/time to my post for the same day.  I can be like Forrest Gump and have a following of runners.

So what keeps you motivated?  What goals are you working towards?

Today's 5k Time - 33:46 


  1. Good for you, Andrea! I wish I could run. Even when I was young and in shape I was never a runner. But I know what you mean about motivation... I, too, need the peer pressure. Can't do the home DVD thing because I tend to sit down on the couch and say "Wow, that looks really hard!" instead of, you know, actually DOING IT. So if you're granting permission, I'll kick your ass electronically when you get lazy. :-)

  2. Well, since you are the motivational person,I will read and comment. I will take you up on the challenge and while I won't run, I will do some sort of exercise for the body instead of my flying fingers at the keyboard. Good work!