Gallery Walls

Gallery style walls are super hot right now.  I think it is in response to all the years of perfectly symmetrical, matching art that looks so formal in comparison.  "Casual elegance" is a big trend right now and gallery walls are a perfect complement.

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Why are they so fabulous?  I'm glad you asked.
  • they give an eclectic and casual feel to a space
  • they allow you to use art, snapshots and objects to create a completely personal arrangement
  • makes a huge impact on an otherwise plain wall
  • you can keep adding things you love as you find them

photo collage eclectic dining room
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However, gallery style walls can be harder to arrange because you have to keep in mind all kinds art principles including balance, proportion and scale, just to name a few.  I would compare it to that "rolled-out-of-bed-but-I-still-look-fabulous" look that celebrities do so well.  It seems so easy but actually took a lot of thought and planning (probably on the part of their stylist).

frames eclectic bedroom
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via houzz
Living room with blue walls and pictures/posters eclectic living room
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Possibilities are endless when it comes to arranging a gallery style wall.  Tomorrow I will show you my attempt at creating one in my dining room.  I'll break it all down and show you my logic behind why I did what I did.  It should be interesting.

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  1. I like the idea of being able to incorporate the things we LOVE into our home...I'm a little scared of too much "wall gallery" for my own home though (of course, I could make anything look a hott mess with my desinging), but I do like the combination of the blue and green in the one bedroom you have shown.

  2. excuse my spelling...designing