A Bed for All Seasons

It has finally turned cold here this week.  Last week it was in the 80's, today the 40's.  Gotta love the south.  This sudden change in temperature has prompted me to switch out my summer linens for winter ones and I wanted to share with you my recipe for a super comfortable bed.

The secret to a wonderful bed is layers.  Layers allow you to not only adjust the temperature of the bed but they also make your bed more interesting and beautiful from a design standpoint.  For me, there are four main ingredients for a comfy cozy bed all year long.


  • Sheets - Start with a nice pair of cotton percale sheets with a high thread count.  The higher the thread count the softer and smoother the sheets will be.  However, sheets with a lower thread count will become softer after many, many, many washes.  Go here to learn more about finding the perfect sheets.

  • Blanket -  The blanket is the element that most people leave out but it is the key to the best bed ever.  During warmer months you can use it as your main covering and add an extra one at the foot of the bed and when it is cold just switch out for something a little heavier.  A blanket is also the most important piece of fabric you will ever own if you share a bed with someone.  My husband is very hot natured and I am cold all the time.  The blanket makes our bed comfortable for both of us.  In the summer he sleeps on top of the blanket and I get the comfort of my covers.  During the winter we get to make our own combination of layers that works for each of us.

  • Duvet -  I prefer a feather duvet with a cover over a traditional comforter.  The feathers give a different look and feel then your typical fiber filled comforter.  I like to have it folded at the foot of the bed.  It gives that little touch of luxury that makes you sink into your bed and never want to leave.  During the summer I switch out my duvet with a lighter weight matelasse coverlet.

  • Pillows -  I'm not a big fan of a lot of extra pillows on a bed.  My husband requires three pillows to sleep with so that puts six standard pillows on my queen size bed.  There is no space for shams and 15 throw pillows.  Even for clients I don't usually use shams and I keep throw pillows to a minimum.  I think keeping the pillows simple make the bed more inviting.


The extra stuff including quilts, throws and mattress covers are at your own discretion.  Add them if you like but make sure they serve a purpose.  Remember that the best made beds are the ones that are beautiful in their simplicity. 

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