My bff Erin just made my day/week/year!  We are going to see New Kids on the Block in June!!!!



I was obsessed with them (I heart Jordan) when I was young and I'm not ashamed to say I have a few of their new songs on my ipod right now.  Erin and I had choreographed dances to all of their songs (we did vanilla ice and paula abdul too) with hopes that we would be discovered and asked to go on tour with them.  Ahh, the dreams of seven year olds.  I can't wait!  And since the concert is a week after my birthday it's the most perfect present ever!  Thanks Erin, I think you just cured my winter blues!

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  1. Good for you! I actually saw them in concert years ago. Don't laugh - I went with a friend who was taking her daughter b/c her husband refused. The funniest part is that THEY were the opening act. For TIFFANY!! She sucked. Just sayin'.