Occupying My Mind (with something other than design)

Since I blew my wad on recovering my now beautiful furniture I have been trying really hard to not buy anything new for the house until I can save up a little more money.  My problem is that I have a hard time looking at design without wanting to fix up my little house.  If I don't focus on how great it could be then I tend to be happier with what it is.

So to keep my mind busy I have been reading a ton of books.  This is what I have read since January.
The Time Traveler's Wife - Audrey Niffenegger
I really liked this one.  It was hard to follow at first but once I stopped trying to follow it and just read it it was much easier.  I watched the movie after I had finished it and really enjoyed it.

 Riding Lessons - Sara Gruen
I got this one because Water for Elephants was checked out at my library and I needed something to read.  It was okay.  The main character was really annoying and I found myself wanting to yell at her because she was so stupid.

 My Sister's Keeper - Jodi Picoult
Really good!  The ending was really a punch in the gut because I didn't see it coming and the whole book made me cry.  I have not seen the movie yet.

 Vanishing Acts - Jodi Picoult
It was next to the other one on the library shelf.  It looked interesting so I picked it up.  Overall a good story but not as interesting as My Sister's Keeper.

 Water for Elephants - Sara Gruen
I loved it!  Can't wait for the movie starring my favorite sparkling man!

 The Man of My Dreams - Curtis Sittenfeld
Wanted to read her first novel Prep but my library doesn't have it.  This is about a girl with issues because of a broken home.  It was okay but nothing I would recommend.

 Dead Until Dark - Charlaine Harris
Super excited for another series to read.  These are the books that True Blood is based on and while I've never seen the show the first book sucked me in.  So for the next few weeks I will be reading the rest of the series and then hopefully renting the first season.

I use goodreads.com to keep track of everything I have read and to see what my friends are reading too.  It's a great way to find books if you are like me and are not on the cutting edge of the literary world.

So what have y'all been reading?  Any recommendations?

~ Andrea


  1. Love this post. I am always on the hunt for new books to read so it's great when I can find 'reviews' from some I have never heard of.

    Although I bought 3 new books at Barnes and Noble last weekend. Water for Elephants, Bloodroot and Eat, Pray, Love. Right now I am currently reading Bloodroot, next will be Water for Elephants because I keep reading how awesome it is and since I already saw Eat, Pray, Love [movie] and loved it, I will read that one last [I know... your supposed to read the book before the movie, but I broke that rule lol].

  2. Kasey

    I usually see the movie first too. I figure if I liked the movie then I will like the book. Let me know how you like Bloodroot. I haven't read it but it looks interesting.

  3. If you haven't read The Help yet, that's a winner. For the dog lover in you, you can't go wrong with either A Dog's Purpose (W. Bruce Cameron) or The Art of Racing in the Rain (Garth Stein). But my recent absolute favorite is definitely Room by Emma Donaghue. I was a little apprehensive to read it, based on the description, but oh so glad I did.